UAE residency visa for retirees: Who are eligible?


New visa initiative to contribute to the growth of tourism sectors and also attract high net worth individuals in UAE.
Retirees must fulfil one of the stipulated conditions to be eligible for residency.

Did UAE unblock WhatsApp and Skype calls?

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Most applications using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services – free internet-to-internet voice and video calls – have been blocked in the United Arab Emirates for years…

How to process and avail the 10-Year UAE Golden Visa Program

A number of legal and immigration reforms have occurred in the UAE in recent weeks, all of which will have a significant impact on daily life in the country. The UAE’s golden visa scheme, which provides expatriate employees in select fields with a 10-year resident visa, is one of them. The scheme, which was first […]

How to check the financial health of your company?

Financial Health

Financial Analysis can be understood as the examination and analysis of all the financial records of the company. All the transactions of the company are recorded which are later scrutinized to understand the financial condition of the business.