Eid Al Adha Announcement for UAE Public and Private Sector

Dubai: The UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation announced a four-day holiday for the country’s public and private sector employees on Sunday. The vacation period runs from July 19 through July 22. The ministry said that the Eid Al Adha holiday for the private sector in the country will begin on the 9th Dhu Al Hijjah (Day of Arafat), which corresponds to Monday, July 19th, and will end on Thursday, July 22nd.

Eid Al Adha History

Eid Al Adha is one of Islam’s most important celebrations. This year, it falls during the summer vacation period, when hundreds of thousands of people are expected to travel. Eid Al Adha translates as “Festival of Sacrifice.” It falls on the same day as the Hajj pilgrimage to Makkah, which all Muslims are obligated to make at least once in their lifetimes if they are able.

The occasion commemorates a sacrifice described in the Quran, in which God asked the Prophet Ibrahim in a dream to sacrifice his son, Ismail, as a test of his faith. 

Source: Gulf News, The National

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