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Emirates ID to Replace UAE Residency Visa Sticker on Passports

The Emirates ID will replace residency visa stickers in the UAE starting April 11, according to the Government of UAE.

Once a medical test is passed, an Emirates ID – the country’s identification card system – will contain information about a resident’s visa status. It means that residents will no longer have a visa sticker occupying a page in their passport.

On Tuesday, the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security announced the change, stating that it was a UAE Cabinet decision.

The authorities sent a circular to departments and airlines, stating that they can now verify residency status using the passport number and Emirates ID. The decision comes following the unveiling of a “new generation” of Emirates IDs in August.

The improved card comes with a slew of additional capabilities, including non-visible data and 10-year service life.

It includes a 3D image of the cardholder’s date of birth created with laser printing technology.

It was launched as part of a larger initiative to modernize Emirati identification cards and passports.

The new card has already begun to be distributed since last 2021. The possession of an Emirates ID is a legal necessity for all citizens and residents.

The card’s possessor is given a unique number that can be used to gain access to anything from government services to smart travel gates at airports.

Residents applying for an Emirates ID or renewing their card could use a digital copy until the physical form arrived, according to officials.

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Source: The National

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