Inmates at a Thriving Organic Farm in Dubai improved their gardening skills

Dubai on the making of existing prison life as environmentally conscious and beneficial; incorporating initiatives such as working to build greener places and training prisoners on planting hydroponic farming technology is helping them create purpose-driven lives, productively shaping the experience of prisoners and prison staff. Another inmate tends to fish in an aquatic ecosystem in a nearby room. Inmates have cultivated mint, basil, lettuce, and other plants in an aquatic vertical structure.

The person behind the gardening project was Mr. Sanabam, 53, a farmer by experience. He has a doctorate in agricultural science and a doctorate in design and master planning. Inmates were first taught how to start a modest farm during an education semester at the penitentiary. When they noticed that there was a growing demand for practical instruction, they built study halls. Then, Mr. Sanabam was discharged in 2018 and returned to India, where he founded Polybionic Technology, a company that provides sustainable farming services. To keep the farm running, he continues to provide online instruction to Dubai inmates. Mr Sanabam believes that the farm helped him avoid unpleasant thoughts and feelings while detained.

Source: The National News

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