Fujairah Offers Free Zone company formation in 2021

Fujairah is the only member of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that is situated along the Gulf of Oman’s coastline, and therefore has distinct advantages over the other Emirates members.

Fujairah is well-connected to the UAE’s major cities, such as Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai, making it an ideal commercial center for the Middle East region.

Fujairah’s market operations have risen in the last two decades. Manufacturing, trading, refining, assembling, storage, and logistics are among the activities in which investors from Africa, Europe, West Asia, China, India, and the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) have invested, as are services such as accounting and auditing.

Opening a Business in Fujairah in 2021

Fujairah is the UAE’s fifth largest Emirate, accounting for around 1.5 percent of the country’s land area. Fujairah is the newest of the UAE’s seven members.

The Fujairah free zone was created to draw foreign investment into the region, allowing the economy to become less reliant on oil exports and allowing a new economy to emerge based on a variety of industries.

The Fujairah Free Zone ensures that entrepreneurs can conduct business in a comfortable environment. Currently, investors from all over the world are interested in establishing a business in Fujairah.

How to Start a Company in UAE – Fujairah?

There are certain steps one needs to follow to register the business in Fujairah Emirate.

  • Identifying business activity,
  • Registration of company name
  • Submission of required documents to related authorities
  • Opening the bank account in company’s the name
  • The application of visas, if required 
Business in Fujairah

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