What to know before starting a Free Zone Business in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is among the world’s most fast-developing economies. Located between Asia and Europe and having the air connectivity to most major cities of the globe, the access to Abu Dhabi is extremely easy. Abu Dhabi has state-of-the-art infrastructure, beautiful natural landscapes, iconic landmarks, and a business-friendly environment for sustaining economic activities peacefully. Being the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the government offers strong support to business and foreign investments. The Department of Economic Development of Abu Dhabi has launched numerous schemes to assist the entrepreneurs and investors to start out business operations with the smallest amount time possible to sustain and develop their businesses. UAE promotes local and foreign patron for opening a corporation in UAE. Abu Dhabi’s free zones are the foremost successful among the free zones across Emirates. Doing business and registering a corporation in UAE free port is sort of simple. Business setup in Abu Dhabi free zone principally comprises of logistic companies, media houses, light industries, heavy and medium industries. Abu Dhabi free zone provides many incentives and facilities to the investors and entrepreneurs opening a corporation in UAE free port . The motive behind these Free Zones is to introduce foreign investments within the country which reciprocally will boost the nation’s economy.

Types of Business Entities in Abu Dhabi Free Zone

Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZLLC) – This is a legally separate organization of members that may be corporations or individuals. Depending on the form of business operation, the minimum capital requirement varies from company to company.

An Overseas Company’s Local Office – International companies are given the option of establishing a branch office in the Abu Dhabi free zone while continuing to do business on their home.

An established UAE company’s office – A business based in the UAE can also open a branch in the free zone.

Professional Licensing for Freelancers – Sole practitioners are given a freelance permit, which allows them to conduct business in the Free Zone. 

Registration Requirements & Steps

The procedures of Abu Dhabi Free Zone company formation are quite simple. There are no bureaucratic barriers and are less time-consuming.

The process is as follows:

1. Determining the Business Activity Type

The investor should determine the activity he is willing to conduct in the free zone.

2. Registration of Business Name

After the first step, we need to register the name of your choice for the company. A list of names can be provided to the authorities of the free zone in case of similar names already registered.

3. Getting Approvals from the Authorities

After getting the name registered of the company, the investor needs to get the approvals from the concerned authorities for the issuance of the License.

4. Issuance of License

The investor can now move on to the process of getting a License to set up the business in UAE.

Documents required for Company registration in Abu Dhabi free zone

  1. Application Form
  2. Photostat of Passport of Company’s Appointed Manager
  3. Colour passport size photograph as white in background
  4. Suggested Name of the Company
  5. Professional Business Plan
  6. Approximate numbers of Visas required
  7. Proof of Address
  8. Reference letter of the Bank

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