Residents of UAE recommended selecting travel insurance with Covid-19 Coverage

The UAE has highlighted the importance of taking measures when traveling abroad, and has recommended residents to secure health insurance that includes Covid-19. The government warned people to be cautious even when traveling to safe and ‘green list’ nations at its weekly coronavirus briefing on Tuesday.

Authorities also advised that travelers only visit countries on Abu Dhabi’s “green list.” Residents can visit these countries without having to return to quarantine. Albania, Armenia, Belgium, Canada, France, Hungary, Jordan, the Netherlands, Ireland, Romania, Seychelles, Turkmenistan, and the Vatican City have all been included to the list, which was revised on July 15.

Bhutan, Brunei, Finland, Greenland, Japan, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, and Uzbekistan were all removed off the list in one of the most significant changes since its inception. The Department of Culture and Tourism’s website has the most up-to-date list.

Not all of the countries on Abu Dhabi’s list are tourist-friendly. For the most up-to-date rules, travelers should verify particular destination requirements. Travelers should also inquire about the spread of Covid-19 at their destination, according to health officials. They recommended visitors to take all precautionary steps, such as wearing masks, physically separating themselves from others, and using hand sanitizers, even if they are not required in the nation they are visiting. Before traveling, it’s also a good idea to get health insurance that covers the coronavirus.

Source: The National

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