Moscow vs Dubai
Where Could You Be Tomorrow?

The ultimate question posed between two of the most popular and major cities of the world. Moscow vs Dubai, where is better to live? To find out where the best place to live is, we have had to explore many aspects from cost of living and average salaries to crime rates.

Overall, we found that the better place to live was Dubai over Moscow. Dubai provided a better standard of living, whilst also being safer, and offers better salaries in comparison to the cost of living.

To find out more, and just how close the two cities were, check our full comparison below.

Tax – Free Income

Dubai tax-free living has always been a magnet for skilled expats from all over the world. Indeed, the idea of working in Dubai and having an opportunity to grow your personal wealth without tax reductions is extremely appealing.

It’s true that the UAE’s income tax rate is zero and is one of the pros of living in here. It also uses its no-tax policy to attract skilled expats and global companies to diversify and enrich its economy further. There is no income tax in Dubai and VAT is levied at a national level, which happens to be a mere 5%. The zero income tax policy in Dubai won’t be changed in the foreseeable future.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and the Ruler of Dubai stated that his country would never adopt an income tax as a way to tackle the deficit. This means that it is unlikely that income tax will ever be levied on an individual’s income in Dubai. Dubai residents also enjoy the tax-free rental income, no stamp duty, no tax on capital gains or inheritance.


Cost of Living

When we pair Moscow and Dubai for cost of living you may be pleasantly surprised. Do not let the glitz and glamour of Dubai trick you into thinking it is expensive to live. In fact, Dubai’s renting is almost less than half as that of Moscow’s!

According to the 2021 research held by, we came to know that the salary percentage is higher in Dubai with a whopping 192% when compared to Russia’s.

Another thing to consider is also that Dubai’s income are tax free.

Cultural Diversity

Dubai has a rich history, and a very recent history of unparalleled growth with business and architecture booming across the Emirate, and an increasingly diverse population made up of approximately 200 nationalities.

The UAE boasts the world’s highest immigration percentage with only 20% of the demographic being Emiratis. From a UK perspective, there is a very large expatriate community in the UAE, especially in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The high level of immigration from all over the world means people can expect a bustling environment with a rich integrated culture and lifestyle.

Cultural Diversity


Dubai’s KHDA Rating System rated 119 out of 210 schools in Dubai either ‘Good’, ‘Very Good’ or ‘Outstanding’. 

Over 90% of Schools and Universities in Dubai are provided by the private sector. The perk to this is that the general standard of schooling is very high. The schools in Dubai are graded each year and if any fall short, they cannot increase fees which is regulated by the government.

The United Arab Emirates Government has undertaken several significant steps to keep the country’s education on par with the latest improvements towards quality education. They’ve made sure to upgrade their education system consistently, thereby taking education in the UAE forward with newer additions.

Public Transport

One major factor to consider when looking at Moscow vs Dubai is public transport systems. The key to getting around any major city of the world is in the public transport.

There are so many ways of getting around Dubai including taxis, metro, monorail, bus, water taxi and trams. In addition, Dubai is in the top 76% of cities offering cheap public transport, with the average cost of a single ticket at just 4.5AED (£0.90 / $1.20)!

Moscow also offers diverse ways of travel too and prides itself on one of the quickest and most efficient systems in the world. The downside to public transport in Moscow is that Moscow is a city of around 12.7 million people and is often plagued by traffic jams and congestion. Apart from the delays experienced while driving, rush hour within the public transport system can also be crowded and uncomfortable.

When you compare this to Dubai’s super clean, driverless trains, Dubai does it better.

Crime Rate

Crime Rate

Another important factor to consider when comparing two cities for their quality of life and standard of living is the crime rate.

The murder rate in Moscow during 2017 was a staggering 2.5 per 100,000 people, whereas in Dubai their rate was 0.7. Overall, the crime rate index for Moscow in comparison to UAE was a huge 25.0 higher! According to the crime rate by country index, Moscow has a rate of 37.35 with the UAE at just 12.35, making the United Arab Emirates the 3rd safest country in the world!

People also felt safer walking home at night in Dubai than Moscow.


One major difference between the two cities is that Moscow is the capital of Russia and Dubai in fact IS NOT the capital of UAE, it’s Abu Dhabi. Many people often mistake Dubai to the capital. Now that we’re cleared with that, let’s switch to looking at their locations on the map.

Moscow is situated on the Moskva River in the Central Russia, whereas Dubai is situated to the northeast of the UAE and belongs to Asia as a continent. The UAE borders Oman and Saudi Arabia. Russia is bounded to the north and east by the Arctic and Pacific oceans. To the south Russia borders North Korea, China, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. To the southwest and west it borders Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, and Estonia, as well as Finland and Norway. The average flight time between the two, direct, is only 5 hours and the time difference is 1 hour, with Russia running at GMT+3, whereas Dubai runs at GMT+4.

structure building
Burj Al Arab

Things to Do & See

Summary of main things to do & see in Dubai:

  • Beaches
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Burj Al Arab
  • Atlantis
  • Underwater Zoo
  • Malls
  • Ain Dubai (Dubai Eye)
  • Dubai Miracle Garden
  • Sky Diving
  • Ski Dubai
  • Skiing
  • Camel Racing
  • Horse Racing
  • World Class Golf Courses
  • Luxury Cruise Buffets
  • Dubai Frame
  • Desert Safari
  • Dune Bashing
  • Global Village
  • Dubai Frame
  • Water Parks
  • Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood

Anyone who knows the slightest about Moscow and Dubai will know they’re not short of things to do. The one major downside to Moscow is that you are often, going to need to spend money.
On the other hand, Dubai has tons of paid and FREE things to do. We aren’t saying Moscow doesn’t, but they’re more weather dependent!
Add the beaches in Dubai, and we have a clear winner.

Places to Shop

  • Mall of the Emirates – A mall with an indoor ski resort
  • Dubai Mall – It doesn’t get much bigger or better than this
  • Bur Dubai Souq – Getting back to traditional roots
  • WAFI Mall – High – end luxury
  • Souq Madinat, Jumeirah – An authentic vintage mall recreation
  • Dubai Marina Mall – Retail Therapy with a waterfront view
  • Ibn Batuta Mall – The world’s largest themed shopping mall
  • Dragon Mart – Embark on a Chinese Shopping frenzy
  • Jumeirah Emirates Shopping Boulevard – Shop while you star – spot
  • Ripe Night Market – A relaxed, family – friendly evening destination

Moscow is said to be one of the world most expensive city. It is easy to verify than looking at the brand names in its streets. Buying cheap and good clothes is a problem for Moscow people as one can find much more names of Western than local designers in the shops.
Local clothes are also expensive: the average price for a small item (hat or gloves) starts from 500 rubles, for pants, sweater or T-shirt, without any unusual design which increases the cost, ranges from 1000-1500 rubles, and from 5000-7000 rubles for warm clothing.

Shopping Mall


Moscow and Dubai, both are exciting places to live in. With both the cities, coming from a place of dramatic history and politics, life can never be considered boring in either of the places.
Nevertheless, residents in Moscow may experience frustrations including bureaucracy, difficult language adjustment, extreme weather conditions, taxed income, and crime rate.

Although, the city sure does offer an attractive lifestyle with its active social life and rich arts and culture scenes, but Dubai does it better and without having to compromise on any of the frustrating reasons!

You know there has to be something special about a city which strives to be the best, everyday!

Come and be a part of Dubai!

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