How to check the financial health of your company?

A company is like a child, you must take care of it to not face adverse problems later. Just as a child is advised to have regular check-ups, the business should too, to determine the health of it. Being aware of the financial health of your company is very important as this allows the management to determine what strategies it should implement to take utmost advantage of the resources.

The easiest way of checking the health of the business is to perform a Financial Analysis of the company. Let us first get into what Financial Analysis is and then we will investigate what are the different steps which are to be followed to understand the financial health of the business.

What is Financial Analysis?

Financial Analysis can be understood as the examination and analysis of all the financial records of the company. All the transactions of the company are recorded which are later scrutinized to understand the financial condition of the business.

The financial analysis takes the help of the data to form various business-related ratios which help the management to understand the current scenario of the business. With the help of Financial Analysis, it is very easy for a business to understand and act against any fraudulent activity or any loophole in the business.

Steps to Determine the Financial Health of a Company

There are many ratios which will help the management to understand the current financial standing of the business. The steps which will help to determine the financial health of the company are:

1.  Preparation of Data

All the required financial data can be taken from the various reports which are being prepared during the accounting process, namely Cash Flow Statement, Income Statement and Balance Sheet. Historical data of up to two years can be used during the process.

2.  Profitability Score

This requires the calculation of the following ratios for the company:
   Gross Margin
   EBITDA Margin
   Net Profit Margin
   Return on Assets
Once the above ratios are calculated, a weight is assigned to each of the ratios and the score of each ratio is multiplied with the weight assigned to find out the profitability score.

3.  Liquidity Score

These set of ratios help the management to understand the liquidity situation of the business. The ratios include:
•   Current Ratio
   Quick Ratio
   EBITDA / Interest Expense
•   CFO / Current Debt
The process which is like the profitability ratio is followed in which a weight is assigned to the ratios and then multiplied to find the Liquidity Ratio.

4.  Cash Flow Score

To calculate the Cash Flow Score, we need to find the following ratios for the business:
•   Accounts Receivable Turnover
   CFO / Current Liabilities
•   Discretionary Cash Flow

5.  Leverage Score

   Total Debt / Equity
   Total Debt / Capital
   Total Liabilities / Total Assets
   Total Debt / EBTIDA

6.  Aggregate Score

In this, we assign a weight to each of the broad categories of ratios which are:

1.   Profitability Score
2.   Liquidity Score
3.   Cash Flow Score
4.   Leverage Score

The consolidated score of the company is calculated by making a sum product of the score and the weight assigned to it.

By finding out the above-mentioned ratios, the management of a company can easily find out the financial standing of the business. Finding out these ratios are important as these not only provide a clear picture of the financial health of a business but will also help the investors to make an informed decision about investing in the company.

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