How To Open A Restaurant In Dubai, UAE : A Comprehensive Guide

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CA Amarakoon Susantha
CA Amarakoon Susantha

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How to start Restaurant in Dubai

Dubai stands as the premier destination for establishing businesses of all kinds. Beyond being a magnet for global tourists, it boasts a diverse population representing over 200 nationalities and ranks among the Middle East’s swiftly expanding economies.

Such a dynamic environment renders it an optimal choice for launching a restaurant venture in the UAE. While navigating the regulatory landscape is integral to starting a restaurant in Dubai, opting for a free zone streamlines the process significantly. Yet, before securing your restaurant license in Dubai, there are numerous considerations to ponder.

Stay tuned for further insights, including details on cafeteria/restaurant license costs in Dubai.


Why Opt for Establishing a Restaurant in a Free Zone?

There exists a common misconception surrounding the possibility of launching a restaurant venture within free zones. While it may not be feasible in industrial sectors, certain residential-based free zones do permit such endeavors.

Three specific free zones within the UAE facilitate the acquisition of restaurant licenses: Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA) and Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC).

The primary disparity between mainland and free zone setups lies in the licensing process. Mainland establishments require approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED), granting them the flexibility to operate anywhere on the mainland.

Conversely, free zone enterprises are restricted to conducting business solely within the confines of the free zone jurisdiction where they are registered.

The cost of setting up a restaurant in Dubai typically commences at approximately AED 15,000.


Steps for Launching a Restaurant in Dubai

Establishing a restaurant or food business in a Dubai free zone is characterized by its efficiency and simplicity, requiring minimal paperwork. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  1. Selecting the Preferred Jurisdiction Begin by choosing the jurisdiction that best suits your restaurant business. With three free zones available for restaurant setup, select the one aligning with your business activities.
  2. Acquiring Food & Trading Licenses, and Permits Initiate the process by obtaining your business license through the free zone authority. Subsequently, secure approvals for your restaurant plans from the food safety department and acquire the necessary food license. Ensuring compliance with the UAE food code is imperative to maintain license validity. Additionally, consider any supplementary permits required, such as liquor, pork, or delivery permits.
  3. Submitting Application Forms and Required Documents Complete your application process by submitting the necessary forms, including a copy of your trade license, along with details regarding restaurant plans and storage areas.
  4. Opening a Bank Account Opting for a free zone bank account streamlines financial management, facilitating expense tracking, tax calculation, and cash flow regulation. Select a bank offering solutions tailored to your business needs, ensuring comprehensive financial support under one roof.


Documents Needed for Restaurant Setup in UAE or Dubai

To commence the establishment of a restaurant in the UAE or Dubai, the following documents are typically required:

  1. Copy of your trade license
  2. Blueprint or layout of the restaurant (mandatory for specific free zones)
  3. Additional permits, like a liquor permit, if acquired
  4. Passport copy of the investor
  5. Visa copy of the investor
  6. Two colored passport-sized photographs
  7. Business plan

Please note that additional documents may be necessary depending on the chosen free zone.

Embark on Your Free Zone Restaurant Journey with NAM Accountants

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