How to Start a Business in a UAE Free Zone in Six Steps

The Commercial Transactions Law underwent significant revisions recently in the UAE, one of which involved lowering the minimum age requirement for establishing a business. This alteration reflects the nation’s ongoing efforts to attract high net worth individuals, investors, and entrepreneurs. With its streamlined procedures, swift processing times, and favorable legal framework, the UAE has become […]

A Detailed Guide on Mainland Company Setup in Dubai

A Detailed Guide on Mainland Company Setup in Dubai

 Importance of Establishing a Mainland Company in Dubai Establishing a mainland company in Dubai is an integral step for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to capitalize on the exciting commercial landscape of the UAE. Thanks to its strategic location, world-class infrastructure, and business-friendly environment, Dubai stands as an epicenter of economic prosperity in the Middle East. […]

How to Setup a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Business in Dubai

How to Setup a Blockchain or Cryptocurrency Business in Dubai Setting up a cryptocurrency business in Dubai is not easy. There are many methods and procedures to build a lasting business that allows it to survive the harsh rules and regulations designed for UAE entrepreneurs. Dubai is a land full of opportunities, living in 2021, with […]

UAE Allows 100% Foreign Ownership of Businesses from June 1

UAE allows Full Ownership of Onshore Businesses starts on June 1 The amended Commercial Companies Law, which allows foreign investors and entrepreneurs to form and completely own onshore companies, will take effect on June 1, 2021, according to the UAE Ministry of Economy. The UAE government recently amended the Commercial Companies Law to allow companies […]

Umm al Quwain, Free Zone in the middle of UAE

offshore company setup in dubai by NAM Accountants

Um al Quwain, the Free Zone in the middle of United Arab Emirates SMEs, startups, and mixed companies can find Umm al Quwain (UAQ) to be an ideal business destination. It provides a highly profitable market climate as well as several attractive business rewards. The free zone is intended for a variety of economic activities […]

Free Zone Company in Sharjah

Looking for a Free Zone Business? Try Sharjah, the next opportunity in UAE Sharjah is the UAE’s third largest emirate and the only one with coastlines on both the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. Sharjah is situated between the three main continents of Asia, Africa, and Europe. The judicial system is internationally renowned, […]

Ajman Free Zone Business Setup

What will you Need to Open a Free Zone Business in Ajman It’s right at the edge of the Arabian Gulf. The zone was established in 1988 and granted autonomy in 1996 by Sheikh Humaid Rashid al Nuaimi, the ruler of Ajman at the time. The Ajman Free Zone Authority has been functioning in the […]

Fujairah Offers Free Zone Company Formation

Fujairah Offers Free Zone company formation in 2021 Fujairah is the only member of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that is situated along the Gulf of Oman’s coastline, and therefore has distinct advantages over the other Emirates members. Fujairah is well-connected to the UAE’s major cities, such as Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai, making it […]

Why open a Free Zone Company in Dubai?

offshore company setup in dubai by NAM Accountants

Free Zone Business in Dubai, is it the right place for You? Dubai is located on the Arabian Gulf’s coast. It is one of the Emirates’ members, as well as the most established among them. Dubai was once known for having the world’s largest oil industry, but the economy has changed dramatically in the last […]

Opening a Business in Abu Dhabi Free Zone

What to know before starting a Free Zone Business in Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi is among the world’s most fast-developing economies. Located between Asia and Europe and having the air connectivity to most major cities of the globe, the access to Abu Dhabi is extremely easy. Abu Dhabi has state-of-the-art infrastructure, beautiful natural landscapes, iconic landmarks, […]